Darwin Boomerangs in show at Icare cup 2018

We give demonstrations and shows of boomerangs on air, urban, outdoor ... day and night events.

We put our expertise to work to boost your event by presenting an original and spectacular activity. Our services are tailor-made, flexible according to your constraints and imagined according to your requests.
These presentations can be supplemented by animations (initiations, production workshops) for the public.

Initiations and animations

Darwin Boomerangs initiation during world boomerang championship in Australia

We offer initiations to throw from 6 years, indoor or outdoor.

The learning of the gesture to throw and the mastery of the catch-up completes a preliminary presentation of the boomerang: where does it come from, why does it fly ... These initiations can be complemented by a manufacturing workshop to master the basics of achieving a boomerang. The material and tools used are adapted to the public: light or forex plywood and sanding pads for the youngest, plywood and files for older children. In a school context, we set up modules according to the desired duration of the project. Several approaches to this transversal pedagogical support that is the boomerang can be proposed: sport, technology, history and civilizations, plastic arts ...
For the most experienced, we also offer advanced courses oriented towards a competitive sport practice.


Darwin Boomerangs en formation animateur fédéral à Sisteron en 2016

In partnership with the French Federation of Free Flight, we are able to offer training to become Federal Animator Boomerang.

This will allow the attachment of your structure (club, school sports association ...) to the network of French Schools Boomerang (find out more on the federation website and the official facebook)

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