Jérôme Royo

Jérôme Royo

49 ans
Sports trainer

Vice World team Champion in 2004
Triple champion of France (including 2014)
Team realy world champion in 2014

30 years of boomerang: competition, public demonstrations, all public entertainment, TV shows, boomerangs design, organization (association and federation).

I realized my first boomerangs at the age of 13 with the help of my father. My curiosity towards boomerangs is much earlier and has its source in my passion for science, experimentation, anthropology. Boomerangs are a great playground for speculation and technical implementation.

Then, my attraction for outdoor sports did the rest, I found a boomerangs thrower's club in Troyes (10) lead by a great boomerang man, Philippe Picgirard. Since then, from tournament to tournament, I have tweaked my techniques with my mentors and throwers of my age.

I created two associations of boomerang launchers; I have always been invested in the federation, including as president.

My collaboration with the boomerang brand LMI and Fox has resulted in the creation of two Polyethylene foam boomerangs for beginners and children.

In the idea of living with my passion, I decided to create my company under the Darwin brand; the status of "salaried-entrepreneur" in a cooperative now allows me to be assisted by Yvan to offer services and my range of boomerangs, by putting my experience at the service of my customers.
Yvan Madec

Yvan Madec

32 ans
Aircraft professional engineer

French fast-catch champion in 201
Team-relay World Champion in 2014
3rd place in trick-catch at the 2014 World Championship

10 years of boomerang: competition, public demonstrations, animations all public.

I discovered the boomerang at the age of 15 through Philippe Picgirard, at the time of the accuracy record world. He had given me two 'Trionyx' boomerangs of his design at an astronomy festival to which we were both organizers.

I started several years alone, with my brother or a friend, before crossing the Rennes boomerang club (Boom Ren 'Club) where Laurent Blanchard introduced me to the Rennes tournament, then gave me my first 4mm plywood plate and shapes to cut.

Tennis-man and competitor for many years, I naturally gradually integrated the French and international competitions. It was during preparations for these competitions that I met Jérôme, who told me about his plan to set up a boomerang promotion structure.

Encouraged by the quality of his achievements and aware of his expertise, I offered him to put and mix my thrower and engineering skills to enrich and develop the project, for several years now.

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